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Before the Beginning – Origins of the Universe

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Origins of the Universe

Before the Beginning – Origins of the Universe

A layperson’s perspective

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This is about the origins of the universe and what happened BEFORE THE BIG BANG.  It is a perspective and theory of what I believe happened before that Big Bang.

I am a lay person and not a scientist. I have, however, had an innate love of science ever since I can remember. I am a writer, painter and law lecturer. But for a number of decades, I have delved into that discipline of science which held the most fascination to me – that of the origins of the universe.

What I am discussing is not an idea that occurred to me without research and after many years of work and in my own time, and simply because of the interest this area of science held for me, the only conclusion that made any sense to me at all, about how the physical derived from the metaphysical was that Energy has infinite states and has never not existed, and that it had evolved and infinitely BEFORE the Big Bang, recorded every state of its infinite evolution in NON MASS form, thereby forming a blueprint of its infinite possibilities and that blueprint lies in what is referred to as the point of singularity in black holes.

In it I have discussed the belief that before the Big Bang, there was not NOTHING. There was NOTHINGNESS – which is a State of Energy in which Eternal and Infinite Evolution took place before the Big Bang.

As a result of Energy’s eternal evolution, it formed a blueprint for everything Energy encountered along the way of that evolution.

The Blueprint is in NON MASS form and contains the infinite possibilities of Energy as a result of Its infinite evolution.

In this recording I have also discussed the origins and the role of what is commonly referred to as ‘grey’ matter in the universe.

Grey matter represents the infinite states of density and its evolution into infinite lighter states of being in NON MASS form BEFORE the Big Bang. This in turn, translates into infinite states of  mass and gravity in the physical universe and AFTER the Big Bang. Infinite states of density in the metaphysical BEFORE  the Big Bang,translated into MASS and therefore GRAVITY, AFTER the Big Bang. That is why throughout our universe, there are infinite states of mass and therefore, gravity which in turn, determine the velocity – the speed at which objects move.

The relevance of grey matter in this context is that in our physical universe, it represents in physical terms, the infinite states of density and its lighter states of being as a result of its infinite evolution before the Big Bang. It is the translation into a physical state in our universe, of the infinite states of density in non-mass form before the Big Bang. The translation is represented by mass and gravity and therefore velocity – the infinitely different speeds at which objects can travel. Density and its infinite states of being are the pre-cursors in NON MASS FORM, to infinite states of mass, gravity and velocity in physical terms.

Density, in its infinite lighter states of being before the Big Bang, and because it was in NON-MASS FORM, ALSO TRANSLATES TO ANTI MATTER. In its infinite lighter states, and in NON MASS form, when the Big Bang occurred, those facets of the Energy that had evolved into lighter states of being translated into anti-matter AFTER the Big Bang. For every particle of matter is another of anti-matter. Anti-matter is therefore, that part of the density of non-matter which remained so, and in that state, AFTER the Big Bang.

Grey matter is therefore, both what holds the universe together and in balance, and in tandem, determines speed and velocity which are beholden to mass and therefore gravity and gravitational pulls.

It is also, what allows the universe to expand because it contains both that part of the density  in its original NON MASS form before the Big Bang and its translation into the physical universe AFTER the Big Bang.


At this point, I would like to address the concept of infinity. It is the only thing that makes sense to me out of, Einstein’s theory of relativity, quantum gravity, grey matter, black holes and the point of singularity the last three of which not only contain, but REPRESENT, the origins of the universe.

Grey matter, black holes and the point of singularity are the only ORIGINAL STATES OF DENSITY IN NON MASS FORM (which evolved before the Big Bang) in our physical universe and that is why they are the answer to the origins of the physical universe.

I believe that before the Big Bang, the metaphysical in a metaphysical universe evolved infinitely in NON MASS form. That is how so much Energy could be contained in something so unimaginably minute a form. It had taken infinite evolution of  DENSE, NON MASS to create MASS, AND THEREFORE, GRAVITY, VELOCITY, LIGHT IN THEIR EVERY INFINITE SHADE, STATE AND FORM.  Because of the infinite evolution of Energy in the way I describe, it makes sense that all the above have infinite states and therefore there are infinite states of MASS, GRAVITY, VELOCITY, AND COLOUR. They all manifested out of their seeming absence through the process of infinite evolution in NON MASS form and BEFORE the Big Bang.

I do not therefore believe that before the Big Bang, there was Nothing, or Nothingness in the sense that either was just that and was just there.

I believe that in Energy’s infinite progressions of evolution there was a progressive state in which there was, NOTHING, in the sense that NOTHING was a state of Energy’s progression in its infinite evolution. 

The importance of the state of NOTHING, is that I believe it represented a state of Energy which was lighter and therefore faster, than the speed of light. I do not believe that Energy cannot travel faster than the speed of light. I believe that because Energy was evolving at infinite rates and speeds within itself along the way of its infinite evolution in non mass form, it contained infinite states of the possibilities of translating into density in a physical world, in non mass form. The parts within itself which contained the optimum number of possibilities at any given state of its infinite progression represented the level of density into which it could translate in a physical world. That state was the pre-cursor to density in the physical world and  which contained the blueprint of its infinite progressions in non-mass form. As facets of the Energy collided and subsided, they changed the possibilities of translating into density in a physical form and created possibilities of infinite Energy into lighter forms which in turn, formed the pre-cursors to the translation into infinite states of mass in the physical world, and after the Big Bang.

What we call ‘NOTHING’ therefore, is SOMETHING: it is a state of Energy in its infinite evolution out of which evolved, EVERYTHING. I believe therefore, that there is no such thing as ‘NOTHING’, in the way  the term is commonly used. ‘NOTHING’ is therefore a state of Energy’s infinite progression which over infinite evolution and cumulative states of being and because of both, created EVERYTHING.

I further believe that that state progressed into the State of NOTHINGNESS through the process of Energy’s infinite evolution, and that NOTHINGNESS was an Energy state in its infinite progression and in that state, it did not need, TIME, SPACE, DIMENSION OR LIGHT, in order to evolve. I believe therefore, that ‘NOTHING’ and ‘NOTHINGNESS’ are different facets of Energy states in the process of its infinite evolution and that the Energy state of ‘NOTHING’ is Energy in a less evolved state of being than ‘NOTHINGNESS’.

In fact, I believe that because it did not need any of the above – time, space, dimension or light – for its process of infinite evolution, and ironically, that it was able to evolve and record, remember and absorb, and infinitely, every facet, of its experience of itself and ultimately, therefore, to give rise to the possibility of the manifestation of all of them after the Big Bang.

And as it did, it became denser IN NON MASS FORM. Infinite evolution in this state, produced DENSITY, – THE PRECURSOR TO MASS, AND THEREFORE, GRAVITY, VELOCITY, SPACE, TIME AND COLOUR – AND AFTER THE BIG BANG.

I do not believe therefore, that before the Big Bang, there was just dense, dark, non time, and non space AND THAT NOTHING WAS HAPPENING. I believe the dense, dark, non time, and non space, were the end product of Energy’s infinite evolution and the density was not in ONE STATE. IT HAD EVOLVED INTO THAT STATE THROUGH ENERGY’S INFINITE PROGRESSION IN NON MASS FORM.

Because Energy had infinitely evolved, it recorded EVERY FACET, AND THEREFORE, EVERY STATE OF ITSELF. There was therefore, before the Big Bang, an infinite blueprint which represents the Density in every imaginable and not, state of being. THAT BLUEPRINT IS AND IS IN THE POINT OF SINGULARITY IN BLACK HOLES.

I believe along the way of its infinite evolution in NON MASS form, there were infinite states and rates of evolution – there were hiatuses and collisions the latter of which was Energy’s resolution of those facets of itself which had reached a progression within itself in which resolution had become inevitable. It is no different in physical terms, from molecules, particles – call them what you will – which, when arranged together, produce a particular scientific result. The collisions, were therefore, critical to Energy’s resolution of its infinite different facets of itself – not only because of their resolution of the information acquired and recorded through Energy’s infinite evolution, but because their resolution produced a blueprint of the possibilities into which Energy could translate itself in the physical and not – that is – a blueprint was formed for the infinite states of density. Density, therefore, and after the Big Bang, translates into infinite MASS states, and therefore, INFINITE STATES OF GRAVITY, VELOCITY, SPACE, TIME, COLOUR,

Everything of which I speak, happened to and within, the Energy itself AND IN NON TIME, NON SPACE, NON DIMENSION, NON LIGHT, NON COLOUR – NON EVERYTHING.. Within the infinite evolution of NON MASS, Energy was evolving at different rates and as it did, it formed the blueprint for all the possibilities of what can be when it translated itself into the physical after the Big Bang. 

The different rates of its evolution in NON MASS form is critical, because that is where the POSSIBILITIES FOR THE CREATION OF infinite states of MASS, GRAVITY, VELOCITY, TIME, SPACE, DIMENSION, COLOUR DERIVED FROM – Because that is what the blueprint is – a record of the infinite possibilities of what Energy can translate itself into – be it physical or not,  – and therefore, infinitely.

Out of their ABSENCE, through the process of infinite evolution BEFORE THE BIG BANG, had come all of them – MASS, GRAVITY, VELOCITY, TIME, SPACE AND COLOUR, the last of which I believe represents different states of MASS in the physcial universe. Colour, therefore represents velocity and the speed at which objects can travel.